About Us



Roselawn Memory Gardens, located near State Rt. 295 on U.S. route 33 in Hanover County, began in 1958, by Mr. Owen N. Pollard, Sr. and his wife, Alma, as an idea to give friends and family an alternative to family cemeteries which were the norm at the time. Our main offering was a cemetery that offered “Perpetual Care” as a responsibility of the cemetery, not family members. Over a year and a half, he and a host of “good friends” cleared quite a few acres and developed the central portion of the park as you enter the main entrance. Since clearing the initial 45 of 75 acres, Roselawn has grown to be a “family” memorial park in itself, serving over 7500 burials over that time.

The Gardens

Roselawn Memory Gardens is composed of 10 gardens. The gardens consist of the Garden of the Bible, Garden of the Christus, Garden of the Cross, Garden of Love, Garden of the Good Samaritan, Garden of the Chimes, Garden of Angels (Baby Garden), Adult Singles Garden and two, currently unused gardens. The property is a total of 75 acres.



We consider it a privilege and an honor to care for the grounds and features of this unique resting place. Our staff takes pride in maintaining the grounds to the highest standards possible. The general maintenance of Roselawn Memory Gardens includes regular mowing and trimming of the grass, filling holes from previous interments,  leaf removal and tree care.