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Common Questions2022-10-03T12:54:10-04:00

Common Questions

What types of payment do you accept?2022-09-07T11:25:56-04:00

We accept personal checks*, Visa, MC, Discover, and money order. NO CASH.
*No personal checks accepted for “at need” services

Can I make a donation to the cemetery?2022-07-05T16:51:02-04:00

Yes, through the Roselawn Memory Garden Foundation. Please contact our office for more information.

What are the cemetery rules and regulations?2022-07-05T16:50:43-04:00

The use of any grave space, all interment services, and the type of and installation of memorials must comply with the established rules and regulations of the cemeteries. A copy of the rules and regulations is available for inspection at our office, located in Roselawn Memory Gardens.

What is the address to Roselawn Memory Gardens?2022-07-05T16:50:24-04:00

Our address is 13389 Mountain Road, Glen Allen, Virginia 23059.

How large is the cemetery?2022-07-05T16:49:53-04:00

Roselawn Memory Gardens is 75 acres total with 45 cleared acres.

How old is the cemetery?2022-07-05T16:49:30-04:00

Roselawn Memory Gardens was established in 1958.

Who provides the memorials?2022-07-05T16:49:07-04:00

We are able to match or supply any bronze memorial that one might choose and that is permitted to be placed in a particular area of the cemetery. Please contact our office.

What should I do if I need repair work done on a grave?2022-07-05T16:48:47-04:00

Contact our office so that a work order may be issued to correct your concerns.

What is an outer burial container and is it required?2022-07-05T16:48:28-04:00

Outer burial containers, usually made of concrete, steel or polypropylene, is used for the casket or cremation urn to be placed in at the time of burial. The outer burial container is not required by the Commonwealth of Virginia, but it is a cemetery requirement.

What kind of burials are handled by the cemetery?2022-07-05T16:48:09-04:00

We offer traditional in-ground burials including double depth where possible.
Cremated remains can be buried on any grave space. We do provide vaults for cremation but are not required. An urn can be placed in a columbarium niche with a bronze name plaque.

How can I locate my family members?2022-07-05T16:47:41-04:00

Contact our office by phone or email and you will be provided with a map indicating the location of your loved one.

What is perpetual care?2022-07-05T16:47:11-04:00

As required by Law, with the purchase of any grave space, a contribution is made to the Perpetual Care Fund. These funds are invested and managed by a Trustee. The interest income from it is used to provide the continuing care, maintenance, administration and embellishment of the cemetery. Specifically, it means that the grass shall be mowed at reasonable intervals, as well as trimming around markers, shrubs, etc. so that the cemetery will be well cared for, for generations to come.

Can I pre-plan my own arrangements?2022-07-05T16:46:33-04:00

All burial products and services may be prearranged and prepaid. When products or services are fully prepaid, the current payment is guaranteed to cover future use at no additional cost. Prearrangement and prepayment ensure that your personal wishes are known and followed by your survivors and that all costs are covered and guaranteed.

How should I proceed if there has been a death in my family?2022-07-03T11:02:16-04:00

If you desire to be buried in our cemetery, or you believe a person in your family has available space here, it would be best to call our office before meeting with the funeral home, so that you will have complete information to give the funeral home making the arrangements.

What are the cemetery hours?2022-07-03T11:01:48-04:00

Roselawn Memory Gardens is open 7 days a week from dawn to dusk.

What are your office hours?2022-07-03T11:00:25-04:00

The office at Roselawn Memory Gardens is open Monday – Friday, from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Saturday is by appointment only and Sunday, the office is closed. We are also closed for the following holidays: January 1, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

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