Roselawn Memory Gardens offers assistance with pre-planning as well as handle other fees that can be paid pre-need or at need. Call us today at 804-798-6496 to discuss your needs and/or schedule an appointment.

Adult Plots
Infant Interment “Garden of the Angels”
Price includes Plot and Opening and Closing of Gravesite
Cremation Interment
$375.00 – $1,425.00
Individual Memorials
$799.95 – $2,595.95
     Installation for Individual Memorials
$241.92 – $282.24
     Perpetual Care for Individual Memorials
$22.40 – $37.80
Companion Memorials
$2,595.95 – $3,995.95
     Foundation for Companion Memorials
$168.00 – $368.00
     Installation for Companion Memorials
$224.00 – $480.00
     Perpetual Care for Companion Memorials
$84.00 – $180.00
Veteran Installation
Bronze memorial is at no cost, price includes spouse memorial, if applicable, granite foundation, installation, sales tax and vase assembly (optional)
$514.28 – $2,457.61
Infant Memorials (In Baby Section Only**)
**Infants buried in adult sections will require an adult size memorial
$841.74  – $1897.68
Burial Containers
Fees range includes pre need purchase
$791.54 – $1,312.74
Professional Fees (Opening and Closing)
Fee range includes at-need, preneed, weekday, Saturday and possible late fees – No Sunday Burials
$775.00 – $1,945.00
Late fees arriving after 3 p.m. for funeral service
$150.00 – $500.00
Office Fees
$15.00 – $125.00
Floral Arrangements
$36.80 – $47.33
Floral Placement Programs
$36.80 and up
Prices subject to change without notice. Price range includes cost for Pre Need arrangements.


Memorials: Personal check, Visa, Mastercard, debit cards, Money Order (Credit Card Convenience Fee 4%)
At Need Burial Services: Please, NO CASH accepted; Bank Check, Certified Check; VISA, Mastercard, and debit cards, NO PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED.